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Rick Batyr Sound Medium

Rick Batyr Sound Medium

Sound Healing and Meditation music for the soul.

Rick Batyr is a passionate and trained musician who channels spirit through sound. He has a unique gift of capturing the essence of one’s energy and transforming it into a radically healing song. Rick’s many years of education and experience have prepared him for where he stands today. Although he wasn’t always the “sound medium” his fans all know and love, his path always involved music. Rick began his career by graduating with honors from Manhattan Recording Workshop. From there he worked with major label artists as an engineer and producer. During this time he worked in most of the top Manhattan recording studios. Rick has composed and sold music for Spike Tv, Viacom, Def Jam and Universal Records . On top of this, he is not only a professional drummer but also has a cymbal endorsement from SoulTone cymbals.

Throughout the years his spirituality began to transcend into his music. It all happened so organically that Rick knew this was where he was meant to be. “It’s more than just hitting a drum or singing bowl”, says Rick. “Anyone can do that”. And he’s right. Rick’s multi-faceted skills enable him to bring through the true essence of the spirit he channels. He is no longer himself, but a complete vessel for his music to channel through. Seeing Rick live is a treat for both the listener and himself. As he allows spirit to move through him, the music connects to the listeners soul. It is completely captivating. Listeners fall into the rhythm of the music and feel the beats guide them back home. Through Rick’s sound, you are not only receiving a healing but a journey of the soul. To enjoy his music you do not have to be a spiritualist. All you need is a pair of ears. His music will move through you like no other.