mindfulTV: Jon Kabat-Zinn and Celenia Delsol

Publisher James Gimian announces the guest for MindfulTV's Exclusive Broadcast and highlights a heartfelt donor letter. 

Our launch campaign for mindfulTV continues to bring us great news and inspiring connections. We’ve heard from so many people, from both the mindfulness and media worlds, who understand the power of video and want to partner with us to bring mindfulTV events and programming to you. You’ll hear more about that from me in the coming months.

MindfulTV exclusive with Jon Kabat-Zinn

The most recent news is that our friend and advisor Jon Kabat-Zinn has agreed be our special guest for the Exclusive MindfulTV Broadcast we announced in our Indiegogo mindfulTV campaign! Jon is recognized internationally as the pioneer of the mindfulness movement, and talking with Jon will give us latest in what’s emerging around the world. You can take part in this broadcast and ask Jon questions about the state of the mindfulness movement, gleaned from his work in the UK, Europe, and Asia, as well as North America.

An Inspiring Letter from Celenia Delsol

We have received so many heartfelt letters from folks in the mindfulness world about how mindfulTV can help support their work and fulfill their dreams.

One message in particular stopped me in my tracks. It’s a letter from Celenia Delsol, who contributed to mindfulTV in the memory of her son late son Julian. We thought others would find this letter meaningful, and Celenia was pleased to have us share it with you.

For many of us working hard on behalf of mindfulness, Celenia’s letter describes why we do what we do.

From: Celenia Delsol
Subject: Re: A Heartfelt Thank You
Date: 19 July, 2013 3:27:24 PM ADT
To: James Gimian

Mr. Gimian,

You are very welcome. I made this gift in my son’s memory. Julian committed suicide 3 years ago at the age of 20 after a five-year battle with depression and anxiety.

Also in his memory, his father, Philip Rettger, and I established a memorial fund at his middle school alma mater, the Seven Hills School in Walnut Creek, CA. The purpose of the fund is to bring more resources into the school that focus on the emotional and social (as opposed to intellectual) wellbeing and development of its students, families and the community at large. It is our belief that providing youth with positive self-empowering tools to manage their internal and external worlds, particularly when stressed, is critical to their surviving and thriving.

Here’s why I’m telling you about this…

The first thing that happened was that a young woman was hired to “do counseling” on campus, both individually and in groups. Her name is Joree Rosenblatt. She had earned her Masters in Psychology and was working towards her license as a Marriage & Family Therapist here in California. Joree has a passion for mindfulness and as part of her “mission” at Seven Hills, she began “spreading mindfulness” on campus with beautiful and sometimes surprising results. We feel really blessed that our paths crossed.

I can’t help but wonder if Julian would still be with us if he had had the exposure to mindfulness, in elementary or middle school. I’m not saying that mindfulness, all by itself, could have saved his life. But who’s to say? If he had already developed a practice, a discipline, a commitment to mindfulness, could the painful degree of depression or anxiety have taken root in his brain the way it did? Obviously, we can never know with certainty. But learning more about mindfulness gives me hope for others. The possible ramifications for mental health are very promising. I’m not knocking talk therapy or psycho-pharmaceuticals (they have their place), but the beauty of mindfulness is that it is always available to the “patient”, no need to wait for an appointment, no nasty side-effects, and it is scientifically shown to “reduce stress” (which manifests as all sorts of mental health pathologies – if we want to address mental health from a pathology paradigm – which I don’t).

I realize $100 is not much, but I wanted to participate in a small way in mindfulTV’s startup. I look forward to the broadcasts and might be interested in making more of an investment at a future time. You never know!

Thank you for the role you and your team are playing in taking mindfulness to a wider audience. Only good things can come from it.

Celenia Delsol, Julian’s Mom
Martinez, CA

On Jul 19, 2013, at 9:58 AM, James Gimian wrote:

Hi Celenia,

I have to say, WOW! Your $100 donation for mindfulTV is incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are so excited to bring this work to a wider audience and I hope you like the broadcasts!


Jim Gimian
Publisher, Mindful