Discover the Power of the Mindful30 Challenge

If you’ve already decided to live a calmer, stronger, less stressful life, the good news is you can get started in as little as 10 minutes a day. 

The life-changing benefits of mindfulness are already within you, and you can surface them through the power of meditation. Even if you’ve never meditated before, by participating in Mindful30 you can -- 

Boost your well-being
by reconnecting with what matters most in life. 

Enjoy more calm, compassion, and joy
by rewiring your brain through meditation. 

Quiet your inner critic 
by focusing on what’s happening around you. 

Build resilience
by transforming stress into peacefulness, anger into forgiveness. 

Calm your mind. Find your center. And make a 
positive impact on the lives of today's youth.

Thank you! I found it to be the best investment in myself that I’ve done all year. I plan to revisit each practice throughout October and appreciate that they are still available. I would highly recommend the program to my friends and family.

—Dena L. 

My heart is so happy right now! Thanks #Mindful30 for such a great month of meditation, compassion, and love! 

Patricia V.

Thank you so much. It has been an awesome experience and a fabulous introduction to someone like me who is new to mindfulness. 

—Sandra H.

Thank you so much for putting Mindful30 together and having all of these wonderful teachers. It's been absolutely amazing!  

—Shannon B.

Join with thousands who deepened their meditation practice with Mindful30 last year

Begin your journey to a calmer, more mindful life with 10 minutes of meditation a day for 30 days.

The power is in the practice

Mindful30 is a unique 30-day online program that walks you through the practice of meditation and mindfulness one step at a time—helping you live a more self-accepting life. Science-backed mindfulness meditation trains your brain to focus on clarity, renewal, calm, resilience, and joy, so you can live the more centered and compassionate life you want. 

When you participate in Mindful30, you'll learn the skills of mindfulness meditation through -- 

Seven themes designed to help you get the most from mindfulness

Daily video practices from eight leading mindfulness experts

Downloadable audio library of all 30 guided meditations

Lifetime access to 
all program content

Plus, get these FREE bonuses!

A three-part audio meditation series with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Focus the Mind, a three-part meditation series with Mindful's Editor-in-Chief Barry Boyce

How to Meditate, a downloadable guide from the Mindful editors

1-year digital subscription to Mindful magazine (current digital subscribers will have their subscriptions extended one year.)

Learn with confidence 
from world-renowned instructors

Your teachers are celebrated for their ability to inspire, motivate, and guide students in the practices, tips, and techniques of daily mindfulness that can change your life for the better.

Amishi Jha
Neuroscientist, researcher, 
and Associate Professor at the University of Miami

Practice with a purpose

Make an impact simply by participating in Mindful30. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to our charitable partners bringing mindfulness training to the next generation.

Practice with a purpose. Bring mindfulness training to the next generation.

 A portion of proceeds from your registration will be donated to our charitable partners:

A 30-day program designed to inspire and motivate.

The Brain Science of Attention 
Amishi Jha, Sept. 2-5

Your brain’s attention system is powerful, vulnerable, and trainable. We look at the brain science and learn how to optimize focus, attention, and awareness.

Meditations for Finding Your Life's Purpose
Rich Fernandez, Sept. 6-9

Understanding your core values allows you to align your actions and behaviors in the world with your sense of purpose, which is how you can become your best self.

Meditations for Fearless Open-Hearted Awareness
Frank Ostaseski, Sept. 10-13

Explore openness in your mindfulness practice by embracing curiosity and fearless receptivity, while learning to rest in loving-awareness of uncertainty and change.

Mindful Movement Practices to Restore the Body and Mind
Ghylian Bell, Sept. 14-17

Experience fluid, open, strengthening mindful movement practices that help you tune into your breath, restore your energy flow, and support your body.

Meditations for Transformative Self-Care
Shelly Tygielski, Sept. 18-21

Learn how to become intimate with what you really need through your mindfulness practice so you can uncover and support your most authentic self.

Meditations for Cultivating Creativity at Work
Parneet Pal, Sept. 22-25

Explore how mindfulness and meditation hone our cognitive skills and create the conditions for creative insights to flow into your work and life.

Meditations for Connecting with Nature
Mark Coleman, Sept. 26-29

Get out of your head and into the living, sensual world, with these short meditations meant to increase your capacity for simple happiness and well-being. 

Meditations for Nurturing Kindness and Compassion
Barry  Boyce, Sept. 1 & Sept. 30

Barry offers a practice on kindness to begin Mindful30, and another on becoming aware of how our emotions feel in our body to complete our 30-day journey.

Don’t miss out! Discover the power of mindfulness 
that’s already within you.

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education works internationally to offer in-depth mindfulness programming to guide teens and young adults in developing self-awareness, compassion, and ethical decision-making.

For close to two decades, the Mind Body Awareness Project has delivered ground-breaking mindfulness and emotional literacy training to at-risk youth and incarcerated adults to help them transform harmful behavior and live meaningful lives.

Exclusive access 
to Mindful30 moderated Facebook Group and Facebook Live events

Frank Ostaseski
Co-founder of the Zen Hospice Project and creator of the Metta Institute

Ghylian Bell
Founder/Director Urban Yoga Foundation

Parneet Pal
Chief Science Officer, 
Wisdom Labs

Mark Coleman
Mindfulness teacher, wilderness guide and author

Shelly Tygielski
Self-care activist, community organizer & meditation teacher

Barry Boyce
Author and Editor-in-Chief of Mindful and

Rich Fernandez
CEO of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Seven themes designed to help you get the most from mindfulness

Daily video practices from eight leading mindfulness experts

Exclusive access 
to Mindful30 moderated Facebook Group and Facebook Live events

Downloadable collection of all 30 guided audio meditations

Lifetime access to 
all program content

| Online September 1-30 |

Take the first steps to living a calmer, more mindful life.

Sign up by August 31st and save up to 60%

Sign up by August 31st and save up to 60%

Sign up by August 31st and save up to 60%

Sign up by August 31st and save up to 60%

Sign up by August 31st and save up to 60%

Starting Sept 1, you'll receive daily guided mindfulness practices from seven experts, each exploring a different aspect of the power of mindfulness.

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