Listen online: Caring for People Who Care for People

The Garrison Institute has released audio online of keynote talks from a retreat for caregivers they held earlier this year.

The “People Who Care for People: Tools for Resiliency” retreat was held to help people in caregiving professions reduce stress, build resilience, and improve their own work.

The retreat was led by three prominent meditation instructors: Cheri Maples, Sharon Salzberg, and Gina Sharpe. If you click here you can hear talks by each of these instructors as they address the themes of awareness, balance, and connection in different ways.

This retreat was part of Garrison Institute's Transforming Trauma Initiative which works to "advance the field of contemplative-based trauma care." Below you will see a video by Garrison with Cheri Maples and Gina Sharpe talking about the importance of contemplative intervention for caregivers. Get a detailed description of the initiative here.

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