Lesley University now offering mindfulness studies

The university launched its Mindfulness Studies program in the fall of 2011, which includes a self-designed Master's Degree with Mindfulness Studies Specialization, and a Certificate in Mindfulness Studies. 

Read more about the programs here. Why the move to include mindfulness studies? The school’s website states this:

One might even say that the western world is in the midst of a mindfulness movement that will continue to have a profound effect on many fields of endeavor for years to come. As such, a good understanding of both the basic principles of mindfulness and its effective application to various contemporary areas of endeavor will serve as important components of a solid professional education.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, who was the Sonnabend Visiting Professor at the university, delivered a lecture which not only concluded his fellowship, but coincided with the launch of the mindfulness study programs. See it here (runs an hour and a half):