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The Power of Off

The Mindful Way to Stay Sanein a Virtual WorldNancy Colier • Sounds True

Having a universal communicator, satellite-driven locator, and encyclope- dia of all knowledge everpresent at our fingertips is making us a little bit crazy, and—according Nancy Colier, one of the newest entrants in the tech-survival guide game—a little bit unkind. As a therapist she has a window onto how a “teched-out mind” can make you unhappy. Her stories are warm, sad, funny at times, and they start to make you think too much “conve- nience” can actually be very unconvivial.

Drawing Your Own PAth

33 Practices at the Crossroadsof Art and MeditationJohn F. Simon Jr. • Parallax

If you like the idea of mindfulness coloring books but you’re more of a draw-outside-the-lines kind of person, Drawing Your Own Path can give you the best of both worlds. This instructional manual offers a variety of exercises for bringing together mindfulness and creativity, alongside personal anecdotes and musings from author and artist John F. Simon, Jr.

Growing Up Mindful

Essential Practices to Help Children, Teens, and Families Find Balance, Calm, and ResilienceChristopher Willard • Sounds True

According to Chris Willard, in a kid’s world there…

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