Am I Doing This Right? Meditating With Others

The latest installment in our series of helpful answers to common meditation questions.

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What’s the value of meditating with others? I live out in the country now, and I’m getting lonely meditating by myself. Any suggestions?

Meditation, as the saying goes, is simple but not easy. Meditating with other people providesa powerful support network, both in terms of having a shared space and in being able to banter about questions and ideas. The camaraderie of being with others around a common interest cannot be overestimated. The good news is that you have options to practice with others no matter where you live. There are now numerous online options for group meditation and classes, which a simple search can show you.

Additionally, you can make plans to do a silent meditation retreat once per year, or see if there is interest in your own community for starting a weekly sitting group—often we don’t know how many meditators are in our locality until we start asking around. Even joining with one other person can make a big difference. Practicing with others helps keep us engaged, interested, and disciplined.

In the meantime, bring interest and curiosity to the feeling of loneliness. This is wonderful grist for the practice mill. How does the emotion of loneliness manifest…

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