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Eat Well, Heal the Earth 

Dan Barber has some wacky ideas about how we need to eat in the future to live sustainably. He wants us to scrape off cattails and put the fuzz on our plates, and serve carrots like steaks. Why? Because he’s taken the time to contemplate and explore the connection between how we eat and how we care for our land. Read More 

  • Donna Nebenzahl
  • February 10, 2015

Fighting Eating Disorders 

Mindfulness practices directed toward eating and the body can help combat eating disorders, evidence suggests.  Read More 

  • Line Goguen-Hughes
  • December 7, 2010

Study supports mindful eating 

A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Education Behavior suggests that practicing mindful eating can help women avoid overeating, even when at restaurants. Read More 

  • Line Goguen-Hughes
  • January 11, 2012






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