From health care to education, music to law, police work to the environment, we have the latest developments on how people are working to move our society in the direction of greater mindfulness, awareness, and caring for each other.

Thich Nhat Hanh composed these short meditations to help us bring awareness, peace, and joy to the simple activities we may take for granted, like drinking a glass of water, washing our hands, or taking out the garbage. 

"This essay began as a letter to my wife. She suggested I share it with others, and so I am sending it to you in hopes it can be of use."- In Peace, Mario Easevoli

Barry Boyce on three university educators who have begun to integrate mindfulness into their lives and work. Click here to watch related footage from the Creating a Mindful Society conference.

Matthew Remski on how the Occupy movement creates empathy through communication.

Barry Evans shares his experiences of leading a meditation group for inmates.