A recent UN study reports that gains made by scaling back deforestation are nearly cancelled out by pollution from agriculture. 

The shortlist for the one-way trip to Mars includes people who listed meditation as an interest. Do you meditate? Do you want to explore space?

UPDATE: the survey has closed. Stay tuned for updates on future studies and other opportunities to download the Mindful Messaging app.

A landmark study assessing the diet quality of 187 countries saw an increase in the consumption of unhealthy foods such as processed food and sweetened drinks. 

People learning mindfulness scored higher on sleep than those who did not take mindfulness training. 

Psychologist Marshall Rosenberg died on Saturday, February 7th. Rosenberg was the creator of Nonviolent Communication and the founder and director of educational services for the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

What if schools taught kids mindfulness and empathy along with traditional academic skills? A new legislative act allows US schools to fund social and emotional learning (SEL) programming. 

According to recent research, mindfulness could cut down on the spread of hospital-acquired infections.

A new curriculum aims to teach children kindness and empathy along with traditional academic skills. 

Our culture is obsessed with busy-ness. Here's why 2015 is the year you can stop feeling busy.