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Thursday, November 22 2012

Barry Boyce, Mindful's Editor-in-Chief, is thankful for people who remember what matters most, especially in trying circumstances. 

What I’ve always loved about Thanksgiving is that we’re mostly thankful for the people (and some good food) and not for “the stuff.” For a seemingly increasing number of peo

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posted by Barry Boyce, 4:31 pm
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Wednesday, October 31 2012

One Hallowe'en soon, we expect the "Mindful Angel" at our doorstep. How about you?

Here in the Mindful office, a couple of us have fantasized out loud, wondering when mindfulness might be seen as commonplace, so normal, so American—and with their emphasis on self-reliance a

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posted by Anonymous, 8:56 am
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Tuesday, September 18 2012

Mindful.org's responds to a post from the Interdependence Project on the subject. 

posted by Stephany Tlalka, 3:05 pm
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Thursday, August 23 2012

The 1440 Challenge by our friends at the 1440 Foundation is an exciting, forward-looking initiative, one that all the folks in the mindful community would do well to take notice of as a great thing in itself and an important model for action for everyone.

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posted by Anonymous, 9:40 am
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Friday, August 3 2012

How do you make kindness a requirement in gainful employment? It can be done.

Florida resident, journalist and humorist T.M. Shine, chose to document his experience of being laid off from a large corporation in 2008 following 18 years of service, and has written about it (in a fictionalized way) since.

Writing about his circumstances brought some livelihood, but not nearly as much as he’d expected. A visit to a job fair was very discouraging.

Then he had an epiphany of sorts. He wanted to work at a job where kindness was important.

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posted by Anonymous, 10:47 am
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