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Thursday, August 8, 2013

You did it!

An amazing show of support for MindfulTV

I wanted to share with mindful.org readers a letter I sent to all the folks who contributed to and supported our Indiegogo campaign for mindfulTV.
It contains some great news—and you have all had a part in making it happen.
Thank you for being part of our Mindful community.

Dear Friends,

I hope your email program is loading the image above. I am still blown away every time I see it.

This image shows the total we’ve raised from our current campaign, but it’s not the image you will find if you go to our Indiegogo page (we performed a bit of Photoshop work). Indiegogo is not set up to process the large donations that we received by check this week which have taken our project funding to this amazing level.

Something magical happens when people rally together behind an idea, like so many of you have done with this campaign. It inspires others. In this case, 500+ donors, and 3500+ supporters, swept our campaign past the $40,000 mark. This generosity created a magnetizing community momentum. First it qualified mindfulTV for the $40,000 matching funds from the 1440 Foundation. We are truly grateful for this generous support.

And then in a jaw-dropping surprise, two individuals were inspired to make large donations to the campaign. We received a $50,000 anonymous donation this week, and then a $20,000 donation from a leader in the mindfulness world. Both of these individuals were moved by what they saw taking place in our Indiegogo campaign, as the mindfulness community collectively supported the creation of a video channel for reporting on the mindfulness movement.

 want to celebrate this community. As a simple gesture of our appreciation, we will be inviting all the Indiegogo donors, even at the starting level of $1, to send us a photograph of themselves. These portraits will be included in a large video wall that will become part of our media branding. If you would like to be part of this video wall don't hesitate to add your voice to the mindfulTV campaign. Every dollar raised makes our offering more robust, further strengthening and expanding the channel's reach.

One of the most important parts of this campaign has been the conversations it has sparked. We received so many inspired and inspiring emails and messages, and we are learning so much about the work that all of you are doing in the mindfulness field. We can't wait to roll out the initial video content and begin to tell these stories in another medium.

Thanks for all your support.


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