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Thursday, February 21, 2013

1440 Foundation Invests in Mindful

Support from this leading funder of mindfulness-based initiatives brings Mindful closer to its funding goal. 

The Foundation for a Mindful Society, publisher of the newly launched magazine, Mindful, is pleased to announce that we have received a significant investment from the 1440 Foundation of Silicon Valley, bringing us closer to reaching our start-up funding goals. This investment is a generous expression of 1440’s support for our work in its own right, and has the additional benefit of triggering a two-for-one matching grant from the FMS’ principal funder, the Hemera Foundation.

The 1440 Foundation, founded by Scott and Joanie Kriens, has been a leading funder of mindfulness-based initiatives across North America for the past five years, supporting the important work of many of the emerging champions in the field. In addition to funding, 1440 provides valuable ongoing support in the form of business, operations, and management counsel.

While the Foundation for a Mindful Society is a nonprofit 501(3)(c) media initiative, we operate with a strong entrepreneurial orientation and are committed to being sustainable through our business activities once our startup funding goals have been achieved.

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About 1440 Foundation

1440 Foundation’s mission is to support programs and best practices that cultivate authentic relationship skills in education, wellness and the workplace. Visit them online at http://1440.org/

About Hemera Foundation

Founded in 2007, Hemera Foundation is dedicated to introducing secular contemplative views and practices into mainstream society. It focuses on education, children, and the arts, and has made significant commitments to the development of early childhood interventions and mindfulness-based programs.


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