Glimpse: Maira's Mindspace

Have a peek at the April 2013 issue's Mindspace department.

Illustration by Maira Kalman

From the earliest days of the design of the magazine, I entertained the idea of a back page devoted to an illustrator/artist sharing the content and workings of their mind. A bit of a wacky idea, people started to say. But I retained my faith that it could and would work: a humorous look at our thought process, a visual way of saying we don’t have to take our thinking so seriously. I was, though, having some difficulty finding someone to execute it.

Then, it turned out we knew somebody who knew somebody who knew Maira Kalman, a person whose work had been a model for this idea from the beginning. But it was a long shot, we thought. How great it was, then, when Maira leapt at the chance. She decided to delve into meditation and illustrate the result. What a joy to meet her in New York and take hand delivery of her first installment. We think you’ll be pleased.

—Jessica von Hondorf, Art Director

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