Pico Iyer, author of Sun After Dark: Flights into the Foreign, on the time he spends at a Catholic hermitage, a place by the sea where creation unites with the light inside.

The “muscular” Christ is back. He’s tough on his enemies and his word is absolute. But is that who Christ really was? Barry Boyce talks with Elaine Pagels, the leading authority on Christianity’s suppressed gospels.

An inspiring story from the terrible days of the Holocaust leads Diane Ackerman, best-selling author of The Natural History of the Senses, and the Zoo Keeper’s Wife, to contemplate the nature of compassion, courage, and empathy.

Michael Stroud, unsure about how to be both a Buddhist and a Jew, talks with well-known Buddhists who have returned home to Judaism. They’ve found it fulfilling to practice both Buddhism and the religion of their birth.