Whether it’s your spouse, children, parents, co-workers, or customers, relationships are at the center of your life. Mindfulness and awareness offers effective ways to find more harmony and love in your relationships.

A chance meeting on a plane reminds Sylvia Boorstein that striking up a conversation with a stranger and being truly interested in what they say can lead to unexpected insights.

To really listen to others, say David Rome and Hope Martin, we must first learn to listen to ourselves. They teach us three techniques for tuning in to body, speech, and mind.

Listening compassionately—it makes a difference. For more about the art of mindful listening, read the following stories from 

Telling the truth requires that you know the truth. Mindfulness meditation, says Cyndi Lee, helps us see the ways we deceive others—and ourselves. 

Assaf Peretz has created a place online for you to have deep conversations about things that matter. Tom Morris, Ph.D. talks to him about his fascinating website and the possibilities for meaningful online discussion.