We pour a lot of our energy into work, yet the workplace can be a source of great stress as well as satisfaction. Even a moment of mindfulness and awareness can make work a better experience.

Hot-shot geeks at the world’s leading information company are taking a ground-breaking course called Search inside Yourself. As Barry Boyce reports, it’s a new model for teaching mindfulness and emotional intelligence, and its creator is thinking big.

Mirabai Bush's new mindfulness practice CD incorporates techniques she shared with successful mega-companies such as Google and Monsanto. 

Writing can involve lots of hope — and, disappointment. But, says Ben Craib, mindfulness offers relief and perspective.

Instead of the usual top-down way of leading, says author Michael Carroll, the best leaders work from the inside out, opening themselves to others and sharing what inspires them.

Why Wall Street is doing it, and why you might want to bring mindfulness to work.