Mindfulness begins at home. Preparing meals, washing dishes, paying attention to our bank account, playing with our children—all are opportunities to be fully present for our lives.

A Q&A with Brian Despard, author of You Are Not Your Thoughts, a story that originated with a newfound awareness and a newborn granddaughter.

Prizing newness with its sleek and perfect lines has some ugly consequences. An aesthetic alternative, offers author Elizabeth Farrelly, is wabi sabi, the Japanese philosophy that beauty lies in what is flawed.

How do we reconcile chaos with control? Cataloging moments of poetry and disaster, novelist and essayist Ruth Ozeki makes sense of family quirks, history almost lost, and the death of parents.

How are businesses rebranding themselves for the mindful consumer?

When her eldest son was in high school, Katrina Kenison was struck with the realization that her two children were growing up, and her life was changing. It made her want to savor each moment even more.