Mindfulness begins at home. Preparing meals, washing dishes, paying attention to our bank account, playing with our children—all are opportunities to be fully present for our lives.

Why is the Me Generation so self-conscious? Polly Young-Eisendrath, author and psychologist, talks about self-esteem problems and what can be done about them.

Is it possible to live without spending any cash whatsoever? After becoming disillusioned with consumer society, Mark Boyle decided to give it a try.

Overeat, undereat, or just feel conflicted about how you eat? Mindfulness practice, says physician Jan Chozen Bays, can help you have a healthy and joyful relationship with food.

As the children of aging parents do, Cyndi Lee, teacher and founder of the OM Yoga Center, returns the love and care her mother showed to her. She finds teaching yoga has given her the tools to help. 

Andrea Miller interviews celebrated chef Alice Waters about food choices, making changes, and what it takes to be a good cook.