Mindfulness begins at home. Preparing meals, washing dishes, paying attention to our bank account, playing with our children—all are opportunities to be fully present for our lives.

Daniel Goleman, author of the best seller Emotional Intelligence, says the key to becoming a socially engaged consumer is being mindful at the moment when you're deciding whether to buy something. Knowing the full range of a product’s impacts is one of the best things you can do for yourselves and the Earth.

Healthful eating is about having a healthy relationship with your food. Be inspired by these articles to make the most of your mealtimes.

Kristi Nelson says awareness of our thoughts about money can ease tension and allow us to be more creative financially. 

Like any progressive mother, Karen Maezen Miller was torn when her daughter entered the Barbie stage. But what's worse—Barbie’s commercialism and hypersexuality, or Mom’s grown-up judgments and concepts?