The Mindful Team

Each of us came to mindfulness in different ways. Meet the team behind the title. 

Barry Boyce, Editor-in-Chief, MindfulBarry Boyce

A longtime professional writer, editor, and trainer specializing in applications of mindfulness and awareness to everyday life, Barry is editor of The Mindfulness Revolution and served as developmental editor for Congressman Tim Ryan’s book, A Mindful Nation. From 2008 to 2012, he wrote for the Mindful Society department of the Shambhala Sun magazine. He is also co-author of The Rules of Victory, an extended commentary on Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Carsten Knox, Associate Editor, MindfulCarsten Knox
Associate Editor

Former film and special issues editor for The Coast, Halifax’s award-winning alternative weekly, Carsten has covered subjects ranging from film reviews to preparing summer guides and writing pieces on well-being. He has freelanced for the Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen, and the National Post, and written strictly Hollywood-based fare for Movie Entertainment. Carsten is an aspiring fiction writer and is co-editor of Salt Lines, a collection of stories from 55 local writers discussing their writing process and inspiration.

Jessica von Handorf
Art Director

Jessica joins us from Shambhala Sun, where she was Associate Art Director for many years. At the Sun, Jessica was responsible for the visual storytelling of everything published in the magazine, from how text should be organized on the page to photo shoots and commissioning artists. She will be employing many of her skills from the Sun in her new position here at Mindful, which she accepts as an interesting challenge: moving from a publication that draws on the richness of Eastern art to putting into visual form the feelings and thoughts associated with mindfulness.

Megumi Yoshia, Associate Art Director, MindfulMegumi Yoshida
Associate Art Director

At age five, she was interior decorating her doll house rather than playing with it. At age thirteen, she was designing her personal stationery and 'zines using letraset and photocopies. Megumi is a graphic designer who worked with a range of clients, from a leading telecommunication company and automotive dealership, to universities and various small businesses. Working with design firm Breakhouse, she came upon work that was more in line with her interests, including for clients promoting eco- and people-friendly business practices. Megumi is now incorporating the tenets of mindfulness into her design discipline.

Stephany Tlalka, Assistant Editor, Digital, MindfulStephany Tlalka
Assistant Editor, Digital

Stephany joins us after completing the thesis for her journalism master’s degree on the shifting focus to digital in major news organizations. Her advanced study of journalism included research into structural changes to media organizations and the social, political, and economic determinants that inform those changes, making her a valuable member of the team launching Mindful’s digital initiative. She has worked as a broadcast journalist for CBC Radio and News 95.7, and as a reporter for the Nova Scotia Business Journal.

James Gimian, Publisher, MindfulJames Gimian

James has been a magazine and trade book publishing professional since 1973. He has spearheaded Mindful’s community-building efforts within the mindfulness movement for the past five years, and is currently on the Advisory Board of the Center for Mindfulness at UMass, and the Boards of Directors of the Mind Fitness Training Institute (MFTI) and the Institute for Mindful Leadership. He has taught leadership training programs and mindfulness in North America and Europe since 1978.

Beth Wallace, Associate Publisher, Mindful Beth Wallace
Associate Publisher

Beth has over 20 years of experience in the fields of technology and education, primarily with start-ups and growing organizations. She has worked across North America helping organizations launch and grow. After beginning a meditation practice five years ago, Beth began integrating mindfulness principles into her consultation strategy, focusing on working with non-profits and small businesses looking to articulate new offerings for the market. She has a keen interest in the authentic leadership movement and participates in weekend retreats with a foundation that helps those on the cancer journey work with their challenges through mindfulness.