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The Mindful initiative—Mindful magazine, mindful.org, MindfulDirect, conferences, meetings, advocacy and more—is about helping the mindful community build stronger connections and about inviting more people to join in.

Interest in mindfulness is rapidly expanding; now is the time to support it. Given the strength of the scientific evidence and also the diversity and dedication of the people who are embracing it—from boardrooms to labs to the US Marines—this interest will continue to grow, perhaps exponentially.

Help Mindful Connect the Dots!

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Our goal is to establish the Mindful initiative now so that as interest continues to scale up, we will be a strong voice to help mindfulness enter the mainstream in an authentic and genuinely beneficial way.

Some things we thought you might like to know:

Mindful is more than a print magazine and a website.
We’re about social enterprise AND being a media company. Our goal is to foster awareness of the emerging interest in and research about the benefits of mindfulness, and we use our media expertise to do it. We think these practices can help develop healthy individuals, healthier relationships, and a more caring and compassionate society.

We are a nonprofit with an entrepreneurial approach.
The Mindful initiative, including Mindful magazine, mindful.org, MindfulDirect, and more, is the work of the Foundation for a Mindful Society, a US 501(3)c tax-exempt organization. We are mission-driven but we are committed to sound business practices. Our business plan indicates we will be sustainable in 2016, just our fourth year of operation. To do this, we need to complete our start up funding goal. Our 2014 campaign goal is $300,000 and we're halfway there

Donate today and learn more about how you can support the Mindful initiative. Help us make the most of the 1440 Foundation’s $100,000 Matching Grant.

1440 Foundation is a leader in bringing authentic mindfulness-based practices to benefit individuals, relationships and our society. Their $100,000 2014 Matching Grant to the Mindful initiative represents one aspect of their ongoing support for us, and for building a strong and transformative mindfulness community.